What Our Buyers Have to Say…

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- Anthropologie

Thank you for reaching out about this! This sounds amazing and I would definitely be interested in using this.

- SPA DIRECTOR, Waldorf Astoria Spa, boca raton

I think this is an incredibly innovative and fantastic platform that you are running. What a WIN!  It can be overwhelming and the fact that the brands are different and new is a HUGE bonus. My thanks to you!

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- Credo

I do think this kind of thing is easier than reading through brand submissions as often those don’t include all of the information that I need and it can waste time on both sides going back and forth. Thanks ROI!


- Meadowood, Napa Valley

Hi Gina and Erin! I took a look at the site yesterday and love it! It’s super easy to navigate, clean, simple and you have ALL the information to answer most questions! LOVE it! Honestly I don’t think I would change anything….you really have covered your bases to make it great for a buyer to use! Bravo!

- cal-a-vie health spa

Honestly!!!! This is AMAZING! It is clear, concise, and super easy to navigate. (And I am super picky). Everything is easy and no problem to navigate. It is so clean!! I LOVE IT!

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- Costco

It sounds interesting, and like something that could certainly be of use to us.


- Ulta beauty

Virtual showroom sounds great, can’t wait to see it!

What Our Brands Have to Say…



Working with ROI has really taken our business to the next level. Gina and her team have nurtured and guided us to the finish line of many incredible retail partnerships with efficiency, timeliness, and always a smile. They are so passionate about their clients and vendors, this industry, and creating lasting business partnerships - and it shows. I have no doubt that Market will be another successful addition to the powerful retail framework that ROI has established.


I just wanted to share a quick note to let you know how great you have been to work with! Your dedication to my brand and it's success has exceeded my expectations .  You've really gone above and beyond and your expertise in the industry is priceless!  I am so glad I joined marketbyroi.com and can not wait to see what the future has in store for us! Thanks, guys!


What a breath of fresh air Market is, not only is it affordable and great buyers but you also have one of the beauty industry leaders helping you along the way. I have learned more from Gina In a couple of conversations than I have from any other source.