Additional Services

Newsletter E-Blasts & Social Media:
Market offers complimentary mentions of your brand to all buyers.

30 minutes of brand training is included in your annual fee to go over your current sales pitch, product training, and any necessary information you want to be sure that we know about your brand. Additional training time available, to be discussed with the brand.

Presentation Program:
Come on the road with us!
Buyers love to engage and we support whatever they need. Allow us to present your brand to buyers you want to get in front of. 

**Additional fees may apply

Buyers Beauty Box:
Buyers love to see what new products you have new! If you are new to Market, or if you are launching a new product for the season, let’s add it to our Buyers Beauty Box. You can choose buyers from a list of who you’d like to send your product to.

Market by ROI team members will confirm shipment, follow up with tracking information and proceed with all follow up once package has been delivered. 

**Additional fees apply

Additional Support:

Need us to support a training or event? We can help. We have freelance artists, trainers, sales associates over many areas of the country we can hire to assist you.

Ask us about our custom support packages to help you grow existing accounts, and of course the accounts we open on Market. 

*Please note there is no charge to our buyers for using the Market platform or concierge services.  We are a true extension to our brand partners. There is no additional cost or margin when ordering through Market vs. the brand themselves.  We actually work better margins for our buyers and spas. We negotiate for you. If you already work directly with one of our brands, feel free to continue to do so.  We are always here to assist, never to take anything away from a brand rep or brand themselves. Thank you.

Q & A’s


What are the benefits of being listed on our Market platform and catalog? 

o   Eliminate nerve wracking cold calls, introduction emails or strenuous guesswork. 

o   Instantly showcase your products in front of active specialty buyers. 

o   Reduce or eliminate costly participation at traditional showrooms and tradeshows. 

o   Market works 24/7 making your listings accessible to retailers at any time. 

o   A central place to maintain up to date product information including price changes, ingredient lists and brand      policies for quick retail partner access.

o   Relevant buyers are alerted about any new products or collections you add to the Market Marketplace 

o   An easy, fast and convenient way to expand your presence and visibility in the market. 

o   No inventory held. Simply fulfill retailer orders and sample requests as they arrive directly to you through the Market Marketplace. 

What about retailer samples and orders? 

We strive to provide streamlined sampling and ordering. You’ll always receive complete and accurate buyer information on Market generated digital POs and sample request tickets. Simply fulfill retailer orders and sample requests as they arrive directly to you from the Market site. 

How do I inquire about getting my products on Market? 

We are thrilled to hear that you’re interested in showcasing your great products on Market. Please visit to access and complete a new brand application for potential consideration. Here you will be able to tell us more details about your brand and business. We review new brand applications every week. The Market team may request additional information or retail-ready product samples for further review and decision. We make selections based on strict criteria including the use of 100% clean ingredients and what categories the Market retailer network is actively seeking. Should your completed application arrive after a weekly selection round has concluded, it will be reviewed on the next weekly selection cycle. If you’ve launched new products, upgraded packaging or made changes to your overall business since your last application, please re-apply with that new information. 

Do I have to be a U.S or Canadian based brand to be on Market? 

Our brands are based in the U.S, Canada, and many parts of the world. These brands have their own warehouse and full U.S. distribution facilities with local logistics confirmed.

Does Market charge any fees? 

Should you be selected to showcase your products on the Market Marketplace, our fees are very simple. 

(1) Market charges a non-refundable, initial setup & onboarding fee which is then billed annually on the anniversary of brand’s contract date to maintain your brand and individual product listings on the platform. The setup & onboarding fee includes our team assisting you with gathering of product assets (pictures, copy) and compiling your brand pages and individual product listings for you. This annual fee also takes care of ongoing listing updates and maintenance during your participation in the marketplace. You will have the ability to preview your listings and conduct 1 round of edits before your listings go live in the Market marketplace. 

(2) 30-Minute brand training with sales team member.

(3) We take a commission on each wholesale order made through the Market platform. This commission rate is well within industry standards. We get paid when orders are placed for your brand. Win win. 

Does Market have a vetting process for the retailers that register to use the platform? 

All potential users authenticate themselves as a legitimate buyer at the time of registering their account. Authentication requires providing critical information such as name (first, last), company name, business email, business website and business address. A user will not be able to request samples or place orders in the marketplace until their information is verified and approved by Market. Market has control to remove a buyer at any time should they leave their current position and will be required to re-register if they obtain a new buyer position with a new retailer or spa.

Who will be answering buyer’s questions regarding our products and brand? 

All selected brands are asked to provide specific key information during the onboarding stage to ensure that your individual product listings and brand profile offer a depth of information for buyers. Buyer support while utilizing the platform is the responsibility of Market. If our customer service and retail specialists need to contact you for more information to help answer a buyer’s question about your brand and products, they will promptly do so. You are expected to reply to all Market support inquiries within 24 hours. 

What if I want the Market team to have a deeper understanding of our brand and products outside of the key information that was provided during onboarding? 

We are honored to have more in depth product knowledge and training on our Market brand partners. Applied knowledge is power! As a selected Market brand partner, you can request additional time with the Market team to train more intensely on your brand and products. There will be an additional service fee for the time.

Am I able to reject a sample request? 

The purpose of Market is mutually matched discovery of your brand to potentially be added to retailer shelves. So please, exercise rejection of any sample request with genuine care and discernment. Retailers are vetted upon their registration to the platform and must meet specific criteria to use it. 

How does Market curb sample abuse? 

Our customer care and retail specialists monitor every interaction on Market and are trained to spot signs of potential sample abuse. If a retailer is exhibiting these signs, we will immediately take the appropriate steps with that retailer. 

Our brand has a strict MAP policy. Can we communicate this on Market? 

If selected, you will be able to provide all of your brand policies including MAP requirements (if applicable) during the onboarding and setup process. Buyer’s will be able to view your policies in addition to other key wholesale and product information on your brand profile. By placing an order for your products on Market, the buyer agrees to comply with your listed policies. 

Who pays the credit card processing fees when a retailer places an order through Market for my products? 

Market does not process any order payments. If a buyer places their opening order through the website, the complete order will be sent directly to the brand along with a completed line sheet by Market to process the order.

What is Market’s policy regarding returns/exchanges/refunds on orders? And who manages that correspondence? 

We ask buyers to inspect their order and report incorrect merchandise or damage to us within 78 hours of receipt to be eligible for further assistance including replacement or refund. We will liaise directly with the buyer to expedite their claim and work with you to finalize replacement, exchange or refund. This means that Market will reach out to you on the buyer’s behalf to provide key information needed for you, the brand, to complete the specified request. 

How do I know how my products are performing on the Market marketplace?

As it is in all partnerships, success is measured in sales of your products. Getting orders on the platform means that buyers and the market as a whole (who is the ultimate judge) are actively seeing and are loving your products. To amplify your exposure on Market, brand partners are encouraged to discuss additional options for marketing exposure with the Market team. Of course, your continuous marketing activity outside the Market Marketplace also fuels groundswell, exposure and visibility. You will always be able to know who is interested in your products through the sample requests and actual orders you receive. 

For more information or if you would like to schedule a consultation please email us at